Online strategy

Need a little help with your online strategy? I can provide your business with the technical support it needs to stay one step ahead of your competitors. I’ll start by identifying your business’ overall objectives and then establish a clear roadmap for you to follow that will, in the process, unify your online presence. I cover three main areas, website search engine optimisation, social media and email marketing.

  • SEO Keywords Backlinks

    SEO – keywords and backlinks

    To rank higher in search results you need to write good quality content that interests your target audience. But how do you know what your target audience is looking for and the vocabulary they’re using to search for information? I can provide this information along with a Keyword Strategy that will help you better connect with your target market. I can also help with ‘Backlinks’, a term used to describe when other websites link to your website. The more good quality backlinks you have the more popular you will be with Google and Bing.

  • Social Media Setup

    Business and social media

    You just can’t ignore the power of social media. Used correctly it can be the most cost-effective way to strengthen trust between business and customer. I can setup all of your social media profiles but most importantly I help identify the best platforms to use based on your business objectives and level of commitment. It’s best to be realistic from the outset and build a solid, consistent long-term strategy that’s suitable for your business – the last thing you want is for it to feel like a chore when writing your next post.

  • Email Marketing Templates

    Email marketing

    With all the noise surrounding social media, email marketing is often overlooked. But it shouldn’t be. Email is still one of the most powerful and personal ways to build good business relationships. It allows the sender to make repeated contact with a potential customer unlike social media posts that can be missed. I can set up an online email marketing system that enables you to organise your mailing lists, create emails using predesigned responsive templates and then analyse the success of your email campaign.

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